About Us | Vision

Arkitek Mustapha Kamal (AMK) began in 1996 as sole-proprietorship establishment of the founder and owner, En. Mustapha Kamal bin Zulkarnain.

The practice stems from a desire and want for a new and more dynamic platform to launch into the new  millennium and to provide and to deliver his strength after years of mature architectural experience in working for firms like MBA Architects Sdn Bhd, Klaf Architects and Kumpulan Karim-Lai Akitek Jururancang.

AMK offers full architectural services. Together with its close associates, the practice also provides services for town and regional planning, architecture, urban design and development consultancy.

AMK aspires to architectural designs that promote harmony between the natural environment and the built environments and; the engender positive accords between man and the physically and socially-moulding man-made environments. The designs should be aesthetically pleasant functional and at same fulfil clients’ requirements.