About Us | Principles


The intent at ARKITEK MUSTAPHA KAMAL (AMK) is to create excellent planning and architecture by having a free exchange of ideas between the client and the designers.


Every design solution must be, first and foremost, effective for our clients and meet their objectives.

Individual Yet Systematic

There is no AMK ‘style’.  Every project has an individual solution.  We deliberately avoid having our design controlled by a ‘system’ but we are deeply committed to being methodical and thorough in addressing our client’s needs as well as recognizing the cultural environment of the project.

Teamwork Management

A firm and responsible design management network is vital for the efficient utilization of creativity.  Powerful design solutions stem from real teamwork at each stage of conception, development and implementation.


At AMK we insist on excellence and run the practice with an unwavering sense of urgency and purpose.


We are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards.