About Us | Design Philosophy

Good design fulfills the dimensions of harmony and vitality.  It looks at the future in the context of our past and the present.  It aims to help maintain a balance between man and the nature.  Beauty is its inspiration; function is its mandate.

Great architecture comes from a combination of talent, experience, and an understanding of  the nature of the issues involved in the project.  A good designer can combine traditional concepts with new visions to create exceptional projects.  AMK and its team members bring to projects, talent and a unique combination of skills and experience that when combined with a farsighted program, can achieve remarkable long terms results.

The AMK team has practices these skills in design, architecture and management for over 16 years and have always been responsive to the communities in which they have worked.  AMK has a record of producing exceptional design, creating peoples’ places with vitality.  This together with the ability to understand the potential of cultural, traditional and social interaction with architecture has the potential to produce very significant architectural result.

Our policy is to provide a wide variety of services and we offer multi-disciplinary resources of Master Planning, Urban Design and Architecture.  Our aim is to achieve creative design solutions that work in economic and cultural terms and, are therefore, effective for our clients and are user friendly.

Our creative process is synergistic, involving all team members from the beginning.  It begins with the definition and understanding of the project objectives and client values.  Innovative response to these parameters is the key to our goal of producing an inspired design.  Alternatives are evaluated and discusses with our clients.  Out of this dialogue evolves the distilled, unique to that project.

The following has been devised to illustrate our approach to design and how we translate these principles into effective design solution.